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We’re changing the way governments, municipalities and stakeholders connect with property owners to build a more sustainable future in housing.

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We're building a new approach towards property.

Taking a new approach to the way you manage and maintain your home means better processes for everyone.

With the goal of improving the the housing industry, we need a starting point to drive results. With data being the new gold, what better approach than to provide homeowners with the insights, resources and tools to help help make better decisions for their home and streamline outdated processes. Empowering homeowners is just the start of how we can make change. By making recommendations to help reduce expenses for your utilities, be more energy efficient to reduce green house gas emissions, and ensure homeowners are not over paying for their mortgage, insurance, and other continuous costs, we are already taking a better approach. We must also think about the future and the next homeowners and how they can benefit from a homes digital wallet and saving a homes history and all that has been done.

Homeprint property platform
The Homeprint is creating tools to for governments, municipalities and industry stakeholders to streamline the homeownership experience.

Governments and municipalities

Deliver and streamline permit application processes, property taxes and easily deliver energy efficiency programs to homeowners.

Industry stakeholders

Banks, insurance companies, and utility companies can easily connect home owners with their accounts and services they have and need, streamlining processes with the Homeprint.

Industry professionals

Home builders, contractors and real estate professionals can easily connect with homeowners to connect their services and offerings, while streamlining application processes, quotes and complete energy efficient updates.


The Homeprint homeowner portal connects with the things they need to streamline property updates and home ownership processes.

We’re transforming the way homeowners understand their property, from its value, to its expenses, utility usage, energy updates, warranties, contracts, updates, projects and more.
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