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Welcome to Homeprint, a leading innovator in the realm of homeownership. We are dedicated to providing homeowners with the tools, insights, and knowledge they need to excel in their roles as responsible homeowners. Through our cutting-edge product, Homeprint, we offer a revolutionary digital wallet for your home, transforming the way you interact with and manage your most significant asset.

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At our core, we recognize the profound impact that homeowners can have on their environment and the planet as a whole. Our mission is clear: to build a more sustainable future by empowering homeowners with the means to make energy-efficient choices and reduce their ecological footprint. We firmly believe that by equipping homeowners with the right information and resources, we can collectively combat climate change and foster a greener, healthier world.

Central to our offering is Homeprint, an intuitive and comprehensive digital wallet specifically designed for homeowners. This powerful platform provides invaluable insights and recommendations, enabling you to optimize your energy usage, save money, and enhance the overall efficiency of your home. With HomePrint, you gain access to a wealth of data-driven analyses tailored to your unique property, unlocking a deeper understanding of your energy consumption patterns and revealing opportunities for improvement.

Through Homeprint, you can seamlessly streamline the often cumbersome processes of managing your mortgage and insurance. Our platform simplifies and expedites these procedures, offering a user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly navigate the complexities of homeownership. By removing barriers and simplifying administrative tasks, we empower you to focus on what truly matters – creating a comfortable, secure, and sustainable home environment for yourself and your loved ones.

We take pride in our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Homeprint is not merely a digital wallet; it is a powerful advocate for energy efficiency. Our platform provides personalized recommendations to help you make informed decisions about your home's energy usage, harnessing the collective knowledge of experts and advanced algorithms. By implementing these recommendations, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying the economic benefits of energy savings.

As we strive toward a more sustainable future, we understand the significance of collaboration. Our company actively collaborates with industry experts, homeowners, and policymakers to drive meaningful change. By forging strategic partnerships, we can leverage our expertise and influence to catalyze energy-efficient practices and advocate for policies that benefit both homeowners and the environment.

Homeprint is dedicated to empowering homeowners, like you, with the insights, recommendations, and tools necessary to become better stewards of their homes and the planet. With Homeprint, we revolutionize the way you manage your property, providing invaluable resources to help you save money, enhance energy efficiency, and streamline essential processes. Join us on our mission to build a more sustainable future – together, we can make a significant impact on the world we inhabit.

Meet the team

Jamie Blades

Founder, CEO


Jody Lavoie

Co-founder, Partnerships

Ross Norrie

Systems architect


Alexi Johnston



Andres Pena

Senior developer


Josh Wells

Senior developer

Jose M. Gonzalez

Energy advisor

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