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Meet the Homeprint

The digital wallet and dashboard to manage and maintain your property.

All of your homes information, details and records in one place.

Save and track your homes history and details

From it’s projects to purchases, warranties and inventory, the Homeprint makes it easy to save and store your homes history.

Manage all of your homes areas and projects

Keep track of your homes areas, projects with their details, warranties, reminders and more.

Save and store all of your homes documents

From your mortgage agreements to insurance policies, safely store all of your homes documents.

Easily connect with home service providers

Share your homes details to instantly get home maintenance quotes from pros and contractors.

How do we help?

Get insights and recommendations to make better decisions around your home.

We make it easy to store a properties history and manage it’s records, information, contracts, warranties, inventory and more.

Know your homes value

Know your homes property value and how to increase it with realtime analytics

Energy efficiency insights

Get recommendations on how to make your home more energy efficient.

Home maintenance schedules

Based on your homes details we’ll set you up with a maintenance schedule so you never miss a beat.

Recalls and warranty notifications

Know when any of your homes inventory has a recall or the warranty is expiring.

Save money, be more energy efficient and stay on top of home maintenance.

All of your homes details in one place.

Property insights

We make it easy to understand your home

Get the tools and analytics you need to track and manage your homes history.

Get realtime property valuation and see market trends from your neighbourhood.

Know your homes value in realtime, the equity you have and the renovations that could make a difference to increase your value.

Task and reminders to keep you on track of your homes maintenance and upkeep.

Get the notifications and reminders you need to stay on top of your homes maintenance and upkeep.

Track your homes monthly expenses to keep on top of your finances and maintenance.

We make it easy to understand your homes expenses by breaking down your monthly spend so you can see how you’re using your home.

Track and monitor your utility usage and spend.

We help you stay on track and on budget. Compare your homes monthly usage and expenses data to see how things change over time

Electricity & gas usage

We make tracking your utility spend and usage with our data visualization and make it easy to see where you can save.

Month over month expenses

See your homes month over month expenses and compare usage over time.

Water usage

Track your homes water usage and see where you can save throughout the year.

Mortgage, insurance and tax breakdowns

See how your homes expenses are broken down from your mortgage to insurance, projects and more.

The Homeprint Home Warranty Program

Home warranty & protection

Get the coverage your home needs when the unexpected happens, we’ve got you covered.

Coverage for your homes systems

Everything you need for piece of mind for your homes systems. We cover the central heating system, air conditioning, electrical, water heater (if you own it), core plumbing, roof and foundation.

Connected with certified repair professionals

With the home warranty program, we’ll only connect you with certified and verified contractors to ensure the work gets completed properly.

Easy claims process

When an issue arrises, we make it easy to make a claim and can be completed in just a few easy steps.

The Homeprint is hands down the best the best thing to happen to the property industry in years and is a total game changer.

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