Wed Nov 22 2023

The Homeprints new feature release

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Home ownership comes with a myriad of responsibilities, from document management to keeping track of warranties and insurance. Homeprint, your trusted home management solution, has listened to your needs and is excited to announce a set of new features designed to simplify and enhance your homeownership experience. Let’s delve into the exciting additions that will revolutionize the way you manage your home.

1. Document Storage: A Digital Hub for Your Home's Paper Trail

Homeprint now offers a secure and convenient document storage feature, allowing you to upload and organize essential documents like property deeds, mortgage papers, and home improvement receipts. No more rifling through drawers—access your important documents anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks.

2. Inventory and Warranty Management: Stay Organized, Stress-Free

Say goodbye to the headache of managing household inventory and warranties. Homeprint’s new features let you effortlessly track your belongings, making it easy to know what you have and when warranties expire. From kitchen appliances to power tools, Homeprint ensures you are always informed and ready to take action.

3. Insurance Management: Protect What Matters Most

Homeprint now integrates an insurance management tool to help you keep track of policies and coverage details. Receive timely reminders for policy renewals and ensure that your home and valuables are adequately protected. This feature is a game-changer in simplifying the complexities of managing insurance for your home.

4. Permit Lookup: Navigate Regulatory Waters with Ease

Navigating the bureaucratic waters of permits is now a breeze with Homeprint’s new permit lookup feature. Access information on permits issued for your property quickly and easily. This is also a great tool to stay on top of updates in your neighbourhood and to see how homeowners are making improvements on their home.

Upcoming Feature: Systems - A Comprehensive Overview of Your Home

Excitingly, Homeprint is preparing to launch the Systems feature—an all-encompassing tool to store and manage details about your home's critical systems. From the building envelope to heating, cooling, siding, windows, doors, foundation, electrical, plumbing, and more, Systems provides a centralized location for essential information. In the future you will be able to use your homes systems details to provide you with a home maintenance schedule to stay on top of its updates and ensure the longevity of the systems lifespan. Homeprint will also be able to provide you with realtime quotes when need of replacement and contractors who service your home and also tell you when these systems might need replacing at the most optimal time.

Benefits of managing your homes systems:

Holistic Overview: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your home's infrastructure in one centralized location.

Efficient Maintenance: Easily plan and schedule maintenance tasks for different systems, ensuring your home stays in top-notch condition.

Streamlined Problem Resolution: In the event of an issue, quickly identify the affected system, facilitating faster and more accurate problem resolution.

Enhanced Resale Value: Having detailed information about your home's systems can significantly boost its resale value, providing prospective buyers with transparency and peace of mind.

Future-Proofing: Stay ahead of potential issues by proactively managing the lifespan of your home's systems, saving you from unexpected and costly repairs.

Quotes for replacement: Easily get quotes from contractors to change or update your homes systems using its current details.


Homeprint's latest features and the upcoming Systems component mark a significant step forward in empowering homeowners to manage their properties with ease and efficiency. Embrace the future of home management—choose Homeprint and experience a seamless, stress-free homeownership journey. Your home deserves the best, and Homeprint delivers precisely that.